Sinister: The Customizable Hybrid Controller



Hybrid Controller

Seamless handling and simplicity of traditional gaming consoles merged with the powerhouse of PC. Sinister allows users to wield the high-accuracy of a mouse and a modular PC keypad simultaneously—for a hybrid user experience that offers the best of both without compromise.

Prototype Design Shown

Plug and Play Gaming

Sinister offers plug and play compatibility with Android and Windows out of the box by using standard pre-built drivers.

Cursor Switch (Change Input Modes)

By directing the mouse through Sinister, the computer can read Sinister as either one or two devices using the Cursor Switch located on the Sinister thumb tower. This allows you to play almost any game designed for controller or mouse and keyboard with a simple button.

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Ergonomic and Fully Adjustable

The Sinister is fully adjustable and intuitively designed to fit the natural curvatures of your hand. It functions flawlessly with both an open palm grip and a closed claw grip for a comfortable, better-than-ever user experience on your PC.

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RealityLink Advanced Haptics

Advanced haptic feedback brings virtual reality to life, reacting 4x faster than a motor to provide a diverse range of feedback and create a totally immersive gaming experience. You’ll feel right in the thick of the action whenever your rifle kicks back or the ground starts shaking from an explosion.

Modular Design

Sinister has been designed with modular components to upgrade without completely replacing the powerful peripheral. One modular component is the ‘Sinister Skin,’ the plastic shell that encloses Sinister can be swapped and replaced whenever you want. New styles and upgrades to be released over time.

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Flux Element Compatible

Flux Elements are cross-platform input accessories for multiple Tivitas products. With on the fly swapping, your Sinister can be customized to fit your style and even your game. New styles and upgrades to be released over time.

"Sinister represents a revolution in PC gaming!"
Chris Holland
Tivitas Managing Director


Envisioneering ShowStoppers' Innovation and Design Award 2014