We’re re-configuring the PC user experience to be more intuitive, responsive and immersive than ever before to help you create your perfect gaming experience. Combining precision performance with customizable technology, we’re taking human interface devices to a whole new level of innovation and functionality. Tivitas’ goal is to create an eco-system of connected devices that work together to enhance every aspect of your gameplay and enjoyment. Having more toys means unlocking more fun.

The most advanced PC peripheral the world has ever seen. A hybrid of innovation and customization lets us create the best gaming experience together. Upgrade and individualize further with Flux Elements and the Tivitas App.

Modular magnetic buttons that can be rearranged to customize your perfect layout. Compatible with Sinister and future Tivitas designs.

A free companion app to track, improve your game, and customize Sinister even further through LED control, haptic strength, and button remapping.

HD Haptics